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Sunever Co founder Stephanie Smith trained as an architect (Harvard M. Arch '97) and now works as a real estate investor and neighborhood-scale developer. She's currently creating an innovative 6-lot residential project in Joshua Tree, CA. An Airbnb
development pioneer, her popular vacation rental homestead cabins,
founded back in 2010, receive nearly 100k Airbnb page views a month,
and are iconic tourist attractions in Joshua Tree.

She pursues projects in the following areas:


Fast-tracked, light-footprint commercial projects that are easier and cheaper to get going than typical developments. Jumpstart projects are designed to trigger positive change while we wait for the larger projects to come online.
Examples include food truck infrastructure, outdoor
dining, food halls and open-air craft markets, pop-up retail, and trailer- and tent-based hospitality.

Adaptive Reuse

Renovating, upgrading, reprogramming, and other forms of LOVE for existing commercial properties. Championing 'responsive' building design and flexible spaces to make our properties more easily able to withstand change in use over time.

Collaborative Development

Strategies for bottom-up development involving locals active in their own small-scale neighborhoods. An antidote to formula and franchise retail. Built by locals for locals. Let's take back our towns. Inspired by incremental development.

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